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My Top 10 Gluten Free Eats In Canberra!

I recently did an article for HerCanberra - they asked me for my top 10 gluten free lockdown takeaway here in Canberra. Now we are out of lockdown we are able to enjoy going out to places again and boy does it feel good!

All round amazing, they have a separate fryer dedicated to all things gluten free, their Brekky Roll is THE BEST

They have a heaps GF options, their black chicken is my go to

There is more GF on this menu than there is gluten filled!!

Also have a dedicated fryer for GF, their chips and burgers are amazing

The best GF fried chicken I’ve ever had, they have burgers, fried chicken strips, all cooked in a dedicated GF fryer. When you order it, it comes with a gluten free label so if you’re ordering a mixture of GF and non-GF you’re never left guessing which is which.

So many delicious GF options on their menu, great for a date night or a special dinner

SO many options for GF that are all GF on request so you have to make sure you mention you’re GF or Coeliac to them. Their GF Honey Chicken is AMAZING.

Another restaurant with a bunch GF options, their online ordering system is a dream for anyone with allergies and allows you to select if you’re GF, have a Nut allergy, Dairy Allergy, Seafood Allergy etc

Such delicious Indian food, they also have a dedicated GF fryer which is amazing

Their Pho is the best, I’m trying to make the most of ordering this while its still a little cold!

Of course anywhere I eat out, there is always a risk of cross-contamination which will always be the case until we raise more awareness for Coeliac disease.

When ordering I always tell them I’m Coeliac and require gluten-free, which also means separate oil vats, to ensure no cross-contamination. If you’re placing an order online and their gluten-free options aren’t clear, I will always call first to double-check!



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