Gluten Free Product Review: Goli Gummy

I’ve always been a big fan of taking care of my body, as someone with an autoimmune disease, I already have such weak immune system and vitamin deficiencies. I’ve always heard how great Apple Cider Vinegar is for you, although I personally can’t quite handle the sour taste.

When Goli released these gummy’s i had to try them and I’m so glad I did. 2 gummy’s a day are the equivalent to 1 shot of ACV and they are so tasty!! Their gummy’s even include the mother (aka the most important part) swipe across to see all their other benefits.

@goligummy have given me a 5% discount code “grace55” to share with all of you. Give it a go, I'd love to hear what you all think. Link to purchase here.

Against The Grain xx